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Online 8 week Chakra healing and knowledge development workshop

Online 8 week Chakra healing and knowledge development workshop

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Chakra healing and knowledge development workshop.

 This 8 week course will be a combination of two pre recorded audios a week, one is a guided meditation specifically to that each chakra which we are studying that week and information each week sent out for home learning.  This course is aimed to bring you in depth knowledge on each individual chakra and guided home studying on your own chakra system to begin to understand your own personal energy system and how that relates to the thoughts, behaviors and physical ailments you have and how to begin to heal the individual energy blockages in the body. 

In these 8 weeks we will cover: 

  • What is a chakra
  • Energy awareness 101
  • How we heal through energy and the chakra system
  • Indepth knowledge on each chakra 
  • Indepth knowledge on your own individual chakra system through guided home study
  • How to visualise a chakra
  • Crystals to heal chakras and colour therapy
  • The power of thought in healing the chakras
  • How to become aware of which chakras are blocked
  • How to heal each chakra
  • How the chakras effect our emotional,mental and physical states
  • How our chakras effect our physical world and taking back our power

Each week will focus on an individual chakra , study our own chakras and work on healing each one. Looking indepth at what opens and blocks our chakras and tools to work with. Each week will be a guided chakra meditation this can be done using a crystal related to this chakra, a clear quartz or without any crystal.

Distance Reiki healing send via the meditation each week.

Finishing  our 8 weeks with a full chakra balancing and healing meditation.

Once you signed up to the course

We offer private ongoing support via our social media.  This course is perfect as each new stage in our life brings about different though patterns, challenges and emotions, this course can be started from the beginning for each new stage in your life bringing you in depth knowledge on yourself again and again. 

The world is changing and waking up and we cant wait to begin this journey with you helping you unblock and awaken your energy to take back your power and change your life and mindset.

Together we rise!!

 * This can be done as much or little as you like 10 minutes a day or 16 hours a day as its all based on your own energy and tuning into it, becoming self aware and living mindfully. You should have a full knowledge of your own energy before doing any energy work so this course is perfect for beginners!!! This is done in your own time via our website.