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Online Angel workshop

Online Angel workshop

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This beginners workshop will be a course on learning about how to bring the Angels into Your life daily and a deeper understanding on how to begin to transform your life and connect to the divine realms for guidance. We have added lots of additional information and guidance.
This study at home workshop will include:
✨The History of the Angelic realm.
✨Angels in creation.
✨Angels in religion.
✨Angels wings.
✨Angel colours.
✨How to invite the Angels in to our day to day life and work roles.
✨Famous Angels.
✨Angel encounters.
✨The 7 main ArchAngels and who they are (what roles they have and jobs they do) and how we can use individual Angels daily and what we can use them for.
✨How to invite Angels into your life and how we know they are their.
✨Creating a personal relationship with your Angels.
✨What we need the Angels for.
✨How to begin working and communicating with the Angelic realms each day to change our mindset, bring blessings and transform our lives.
✨What are Angelic signs, what each sign means and how to ask and receive them.
✨Angel and crystals to use to help with Angelic communication, Angel assistance, protection and Meditation.

Meditation for deep connection and guidance that you can use at home to gain answers and peace.

. . . . .
This is perfect for anyone beginning on a spiritual path or wanting to know more about the Angels and the Angelic realm.

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All workshops are non refundable or transferable once purchased.