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Postive life changes

Postive life changes

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Our brand new 4 week healing programme 🔥🧙

This will see complete life transformation looking at Unconscious reprogramming through our own cycles and negative thought patterns

 I will provide teachings for the weekly focus and a deep Reiki and shamanic healing through distance healing

Daily motivation and teaching in a wats app group....a place to be free vent and cut your cords to your past self.

Shadow work

Connecting to the higher self and divine feminine

Change in though patterns

Journalling & Mindfulness

Gratitude & Affirmations

Daily Angel card pull

Daily tasks & teachings

Recognise negative thought patterns and move them into positive ones

New moon & full moon rituals

Manifesting & Anchorning

The real vibrational change and law of attraction 

Learing to self heal through the mind & using your own energy tools

Breathing techniques 

This is for those wanting to make changes and change their lives and put in the work for themselves 🔥

Begins 2nd September perfect for anyone at any point in their journey as we all work from our point of consciousness completely beginners friendly 24/7 support & guidance.

Done via wats app and private Instagram so please ensure you send me your mobile humber 

Awakening the witch 🧙‍♀️ 

Full moon, new moon Rituals, Angels, daily challenges, gratitude, self love, daily Angel cards, journalling, healing, Mindfulness, meditation all in our 4 week spiritual development wats app group...... 

⚠️ Timimgs of this course ⚠️

Lots of questions on this..... Its an online course so everyone will be in a group and each day ill post information and knowledge on various things, set self love tasks ie list ten things you love about yourself etc.

You can do this in your own time as thats what its designed for to pick up around your life a way to incorporate what we learn to create a more positive life and mindset.

You can participate as much or as little as you like and chatting in the group is entirely optional..

The information will be there as will all the daily tasks, knowledge, Angel cards etc for when you are ready to read.


These are things to incorporate into your daily life to manifest and create a change so the is no set timings. For example to check in on your energy and emotions you can do this first and last thing of the day or every hour its upto you... What you put in you get out but these will be lifelong tools ❤️