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Raw Apache tear matrix

Raw Apache tear matrix

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Apache tears have a special connection to the mythology of the Apache culture, and also to the ability to recover from grief.

By using Apache tears, rather than other types of obsidian, you can find that you’re able to address negativity in a calmer and more constructive way.
This will keep its power closest to the seat of your grounding energy.

Because Apache tears, like most dark stones, work to “suck up” negative energy like sponges, you will want to frequently cleanse them in order to get the full benefit of their positive energy.

Because of their mythological origin as the tears of suffering women and children, Apache tears are a deeply empathetic stone that can help you through struggles gracefully and gently.

It should be noted that, given that this stone is associated with a specific cultural group, this article could not possibly cover the full range of myth and Apache lore that should be understood in order to have a well-rounded understanding of this stone.

I encourage you to research the as well as its interactions with white Americans in the nineteenth century in order to come to a better understanding of the significance of Apache tear stones. 

These come cleansed and reiki charged.