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Raw Pink Aragonite

Raw Pink Aragonite

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Pink Aragonite is a crystal of pastel color that is surrounded by an aura of romance, charm, and happiness. Pink Aragonite is a lovely gemstone to work with to strengthen the Heart Chakra and bring a positive glow of joy around you.

The spiritual meaning of Aragonite is that its connection with the Earth’s energy gives you the vigor you need to recharge and stabilize yourself in all areas of body, mind, and soul.

Aragonite is a crystal that can help you to feel deeply rooted in our planet, helping you release excess energy, center yourself, and silence your mind.

This inner silence is where all the journey begins to understanding your true purpose and mission on Earth.

When you can experience a level of heightened compassion, Earth, in return, will reward you with the abundance and stability you seek to live a rich and fulfilling life.

Raising collective consciousness about the conservation of our planet is also part of the energy of Aragonite.


* All crystals will cary slightly in size, shape and colour etc due to being naturally formed crystals. No two are ever the same!

* All come come Cleansed and reiki charged