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Rose Quartz Gua sha
Rose Quartz Gua sha
Rose Quartz Gua sha

Rose Quartz Gua sha

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Used for centuries in Chinese medicine, Gua Sha is truly magical thanks to its many properties as an aesthetic and detoxifying beauty tool. Gua Sha refers to this ancient technique for massaging the face in a “scraping” motion. This effective treatment will smooth the look of wrinkles, improve skin tone & texture, firm the face contour, brighten complexion and detoxify.


Rose quartz carries a soft feminine energy and golds the vibration of love and beauty. 

Gua sha works deep in the skin since it creates friction. This friction releases facial muscle tension and improves lymph drainage. The result is a brighter, clearer complexion. 

By increasing the circulation every day, we start to move those waste products out of the skin, which helps to clear out things like blackheads or breakouts. We see a reduction in hyperpigmentation too. 

Think of it as if your skin was made of glass and there's all this murky stuff beneath it. Once you clear that murk out, you can see that light finally shining through.

Can help imrove firmness, elasticity, tone and overall skin health 

– Encourages skincare ingredients to penetrate further into the skin 

– This gua sha is made from natural Rose Quartz stone

– Each Gua Sha varies slightly due to the uniqueness of the stone

– Your at-home Gua Sha treatment takes between 3-5 minutes

Use after cleansing, toning and applying serum.

You can cleanse the rose quartz crystal gua sha by running under cold water and leaving under the full moon.