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Sage Smudge Stick (white californian sage)

Sage Smudge Stick (white californian sage)

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White californian sage chunky smudge sticks

Used in Ancient ceremonies to remove negative energies, cleanse a space or person. Using these in the home is like giving it an energetic shower, it removes all negative energy and emotion that could of been lingering for years effecting the energy of the occupant's.
You should always cleanse in a new home, after an argument, negative guests etc....
You can feel the difference when you sage 

Every time you purchase a crystal you must cleanse it straight away or if it has not been worked with for a while or been used quite a lot to cleanse the energies it's collected.

I always have sage burning when I'm in a salt bath for energy clearing.

Perfect for cleansing your crystals, the home, car and work place.