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shungite large stones

shungite large stones

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There are many shielding and protective crystals that you can use, but shungite is the one we use for ourselves and our clients to protect us from EMF. Shungite has proven to protect from up to 98% of electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronics around you while keeping the signal intact. It makes the field biocompatible.

Shungite, also known as the “miracle stone” and “the stone of life”, is a very powerful stone that we recommend every person wear on their body and have in their home, office and any other space they spend the majority of their time in.

Shungite is the stone of superpowers, alchemy and transformation with a huge list of amazing benefits and is unlike any other stone on the planet.

Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even stimulates the growth.  It kills and devours anything that harms people and other living beings, and concentrates and restores all that is good.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Shungite is so adorned as a stone;

  • it grounds us to mother earth through the root and earth star chakras
  • it clears and balances our aura and aligns our chakras
  • it enhances our metaphysical abilities
  • it assists in our spiritual evolution; acting as a catalyst for growth and transformation
  • it shields whoever wears it from negative energies of all kinds, including protection from harmful psychic energy
  • it removes negative energies and thoughts and promotes positivity
  • it shields us from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from mobile phones, 5g, computers, WiFi,  towers, TVs, and more
  • it cleanses and purifies water and adds beneficial minerals to it
  • it provides healing and restores balance on all levels; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual
  • it assists with cell rejuvenation
  • it boosts our energy levels
  • it dissolves stress and anxiety
  • it relieves muscle ache and tension
  • it normalizes our sleep patterns
  • it increases our personal power, and
  • it raises our vibration

Ivan the terrible knew of its powers and made all of soliders carry it during military campaigns.