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Our brand new 4 week private wats app empowerment group.


Focusing on connecting to the divine feminine, rituals, energy, friendship, taking back our magic and stepping into our power.

Welcome to the revolution 🔮 the self revolution 👁


✔️How we and everything are energy, frequency and vibration.

✔️How to heal yourself.

✔know thy self...who are you under the contamination and what is it you truly want....

✔Finding your path

✔Law of attraction

✔️Working with the lunar energy and women

✔️New moon and full moon rituals

✔️Angel card readings

✔️Working with water and different crystals

✔️Crystal knowledge

✔️How to meditate

✔️Mindfulness and how to use it daily with tasks.

✔️Energy awareness

✔how we are Energy and understanding how we are effected by others Energy

✔getting to know your true self and your own energy

✔️Begin working with the Angels

✔️Self love and setting strong boundaries

✔️MANIFESTATION creation with group empowerment, building the life you want.

✔️Cleansing and protection od your own energy, home, children, pets, crystals

✔️Grounding your energy

✔️Distance reiki healing sessions

✔️Unlimited support and guidance.

✔️Spiritual practices and rituals

✔Group Angelic Reiki Healing

✔Folklore and MAGIK...mermaids, Ancient Egypt, faires, witches, essentail oils, candle magik, hauntings , mystical worlds....and much more.

Each day i set different task to connect to your true power and begin Manifesting the life you want and finding yourself and path.

Designed to need no can catch up when you can, and you can deleve deeper into anything that resonates with you when the time calls....this is designed to have a spiritual life in a modern busy world...short easy information, 24/7 help and guidance, videos and voice notes explaining deeper

Being in a group we can all encourage eachother and hold each accountable to really be our best and show up daily as our highest self.

And each day ill post  Angel cards for your guidance, connect and support for the future we create each day. Learning about law of attraction, daily gratitude practices and manifestating our goals together.

We will learn about energy awareness, cleansing, protection, grounding.

This group is to begin to grow a positive mindset and make amazing lasting life changes. This will require your participation each day a commitment to make for your self for the beginning of a life long journey with the foundation you need to create a better mindset, vibration and future.

Perfect absolutely everyone... for busy mums, those who feel life is hetic, those who need a change or a community around them, for those who need more.

✔️ £35

✔️Begins 1st May 


#Together we rise


All our courses and workshops are non refundable or transferable once booked.

Once booked please ensure you send us your mobile number to be added to the wats app group which will be set up 1st May

This can be send via Instagram @lalunateasure or email

This course is designed to suit everyone's bust life and can be participated in a little or as much as you like. Each day will be information posted or a 'task/challenge' so for example a mindfulness task can choose to be mindful for ten minutes or the whole day. It's designed to make the a new Postive way of life fitting in what suits us around what we have going on already. Everything can be caught up on and the is a no pressure attitude to Everything with complete support if needed.