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The SisterHood Sircle

The SisterHood Sircle

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The Sisterhood Sircle..

New to La Luna Healing

A 4 week wats app group dedicated to the Sisterhood....the divine feminine energy....the kinship....the village and the empowerment of eachother learning, Healing, evolving and growing together.

This will be limited in numbers to keep the energy flowing, to ensure we are all being heard and supported, to allow each one of us to speak daily of our struggles, triumph and share our knowledge and gifts and the group stay connected to eachother


We begin December 1st helping and over coming the Chris period and growing, learning, Healing and manifesting ready for the new year 💫

This will included a completely judgement free space to share daily natter how big or small...a Village to be built and to hold each of us through our days in the 4 weeks.

🌝Manifesting with the Moon.
✨Harnessing the power of the moon🙅‍♀️
🌕Full moon rituals🌕
🌑New moon rituals🌑
🌙Working with the different phases of the moon.
🙋‍♀️Like minded support group and empowerment group.... Lets manifest together💪
💧Moon water.
🔮The moon and crystals.
✨Angels and the moon
🌜Becoming in-line with the lunar phases.
🔥Connecting back to our divine feminine energy.
👁️Live Healings and meditations saved to a private Instagram group.


grounding and cleansing

Nature and connection

meditation and Mindfulness and all you need to know

Colour therapy 

Angels and connecting with them daily 

The power of water 

Angel cards

Spirituality 101
Perfect for beginners 🙏❤️

To Evolve and share knowledge and gifts or to simply learn .....I will be sharing Meditation, live Healings, daily content and connection, grounding and cleansing, a welcomed environment for others to share....Crystals 🔮 colour therapy, gratitude 🙏and connecting to and learning each moon phase 🌙and working on each phase as women together holding each other in the lows and in our triumphs....💯❤🔥💫🥰🖤💙💚

When one of us rises ....
We all rise.....


This group is ran via wats app so please make sure we have your mobile number once booked.

This can be done in your own time and you only need to participate if you want to. 

All booking are non refundable or transferable once booked online.